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Connect. Engage. Belong.

I’m an Ecosystem Builder, Community Catalyst and Collaborator with a natural instinct to connect and engage.

Are you stuck?

Have you been tasked to develop an “ecosystem”?

Is your organization or community in need of more… Inclusivity? Equity?Collaboration?

Ecosystem Development, is the current buzzword, for communities and organizations. Terms like culture and belonging are used in conversations every day. What do they mean for you, your organization, your community?

I’m Cecilia Wessinger, and I help people, programs, places and companies navigate how to be more connected, engaged, aware and collaborate.

With a foundation in cultural competency, I help improve communication, awareness and unity to align efforts for greater productivity. Fostering an environment where people can thrive through assessing, meaning making and purposeful understanding.


Consulting with people just like you, I have helped navigate complex and challenging paths. By identifying and connecting dots, setting up structure and framework to strengthen and increase productivity.

I work with communities seeking more inclusivity and cohesion, organizations building better culture and productivity and individuals striving for more purpose and joy.


In the emerging field of entrepreneurial ecosystem building, there are practitioners working in service of their community in custom and bespoke ways. Several years ago, the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation invited a select group of these individuals and organizations to come together to help advance the field. Shortly afterwards they brought on two community activators to support, coordinate and foster collaboration.


As a consultant for the Kauffman Foundation in the role of ESHIP Community Activator, I led a team of ESHIP Champions and worked alongside ecosystem builders across the country and around the world, national resource providers and EMKF team members to accelerate the community’s growth and development. Through community-building activities, identify and pursue opportunities to foster more field-wide collaboration in pursuit of the ESHIP Goals.


Working with global partners like, Future Agro Challenge, members of the Global Entrepreneurship Network around the world, I have had the honor and privilege of supporting entrepreneurs, ecosystem builders and impact makers in several countries.

People are unique and solutions should be tailored to suit their needs. What success means is also different for each person and organization. Creativity, innovation and sustainability are common goals that should be approached with the care and thoughtfulness worthy of the endeavor.

Working alongside people who are not like you is a reality, doing it well is an art.  We all strive for purpose, meaning and joy; how we find should be custom made.

Highlights, Features, and Contributions

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